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Hat Organizer with Handles

Product Name : Hat Organizer with Handles
Color : Grey
Size : 25"L x 8.3"W x 7.6"H
Price : 10.99
  • Fabric
  • 【20 Snapback Fitted】Spacious baseball cap organizer neatly organizes up to 20 baseball caps or snapbacks, make sure your hats never scattered around the house and avoiding hard to find in time. Protect baseball caps, snapback caps and keep their original shape. 25"L x 8.3"W x 7.6"H;
  • 【Wider Space & Premium Material】More wider than other hat holder organizer for big hat. Made of lightweight but durable fabric, not easy to be teared, protecting your hats from dust in the air;
  • 【Visiable Window & Sturdy Zipper】The hat organizer for closet has cLear window to display your baseball caps in a good order. 2 ways smooth zipper closure provides quick and easy access to choose a hat to wear, you don't need to searching and digging;
  • 【Durable Handles】The cap holder organizer has 2 sturdy handles for easy to carry and travel, reinforced handles are sewn with two layers of thick fabric to add strength, which make the hat rack for closet sturdy and portable to go grab;
  • 【Different Usage】 Great for storing different types of hat,books and magazines. Easy to carry than other hat box storage. The hat travel case also can be used for storing toy bricks, pet toys, towel, light disks and household items;
  • Is your cap still lying around everywhere?

    Do you need a storage space for your pretty hat?

    Never worry to spend too much time on finding your hat again!

    The Keetdy excellent hat bags for baseball caps is presented to you!

    1. This innovative, compact and effictive cap storage bag stores up to 20 hats.

    2. Easliy to pick up all your caps from an accessible place.

    3. Smart design of the hat organizers and storage is space saver and long lasting use.

  • Features

    Travel fitted, easy to carry

    1. Display and show your favorite caps in a good manner by the sun hat organizer.

    2. Great for organizing your hat in closet, living room, bedroom, toys room, apartment, dorm, etc. Keeping your valued space clean.

    3. Easy to fold and store or unfold and use. You can use it for different types of storage,such as woolen hat, bucket, beanie hat,etc. Nice material soft and sturdy at the same time.

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