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5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer

5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
Product Name : 5-Shelf Over The Door Organizer
Color : Grey
Brand : KEETDY
  • Sturdy Fabric
  • Large Capacity:The baby storage organizer has 5 big and deep mesh pockets, with enough space to store big bottles like shampoos, hair conditioner, body wash, etc. And you can find the small items easily which are difficult to find in the usual. Each pocket measures: 12.8" W*10.28" H; Total measures: 12.8" W*51.4" H;
  • Multiple Purpose: You can put the door hanging organizer in the bathroom for hair products, toiletries, cleaning supplies,etc. You can also use the hanging pantry organizer to holds baby wipes, regular wears, diapers and toys. Also can store spices, plastic wrap, snacks in kitchen;
  • Fixed Items: 2 packs back of door storage organizer has elatic edging of the pockets to keep the content without falling off, and there are reinforced hard board between each layer of pockets to maintain the stability of the overall structure, so you don't need to worry slipping or outward-inclined anymore;
  • Easy to Insatll: Totally 4 load-bearing metal hooks in the package.Just hang the over the door pocket organizer behind the door, suitable for 1.37" to 1.65" in thick. Home doors, closet doors, narrow doors, bi-fold door are also fitted;
  • Space Saving: Maximize unused space and create extra storage where you need it. Can be used in nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, utility rooms, hall and entryway closets and play rooms; The nursery organizers and storage is collapsible when not use or carrying;
  • Features:

    - Durable and breathable fabric for long lasting.

    - Enough space and elastic edging to hold big bottles and no falling off.

    - Metal hooks and metal lined eyelets to keep from rust.

    - Between the pocket has a hard board strip to keep the shape.

    - Easy to assemble and collapsible with the rv bathroom storage.

    - Three non-corrosive grommets along the top for easy hanging.

    - Fit for home door of the thickness of 1.37"-1.65".

    - You can fold it up when you don't use it or when you need it for travel use.

  • A good storage choice for any place

    Bathroom Organization

    Ideal for any number of home and bathroom for storing shampoo, towels, hair-dryer, cleaning supplies, tights and joggers, etc.

    Nursery Organization

    To place those kids items like diapers, baby clothes, dryer sheets, mittens, toys, dolls, room essentials or school supplies neatly behind the door in the over-sized pockets and easy to access.

    Pantry Organization

    It is also a good choice to clean your pantry, easy to organize spices, medicines, snacks, kitchen supplies,craft ribbons, wraps baggies and so on;

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